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With excellent experience in connected global corporate networks, university network installs and high-end laptop development Optigen has a wealth of knowledge that’s far beyond your average Tech company. We believe only in the highest standards of support, so we only have engineers with a minimum of 10 years’ relavent experience at your disposal. 


Our experience has taught us that some things work better than others, so we only offer tried and tested services that enable the best flexibility and scalability and you only pay for exactly what you need, never compromising on security.


Business data has never been more under threat than right now, everyday businness are destroyed by data loss wheather it be by hackers, failed hardware or simply bad IT management. We know exactly how to protect what's important thus protecting your business.

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Our Hosted servers are all tailored to requirement, so you will never over spend on power that you don’t need, and if you need more power then it's available instantly. Costs can also be reduced by powering off when you're not using them. Simple, cost effective, adjustable and always secure

Hosted Servers
Hosted Backup

Our Hosted backup can be used for all forms of data, from standard documents to SQL databases to Exchange email at a mailbox level, so if it’s a spreadsheet you need restoring or a single email then we have you covered from any disaster

Hosted Email

Email is now how it should be, a cloud base email system is by far the most cost effective system for small enterprises that need all the functionality the corporates benefit from. All secure and centralized so all devices show the same emails, calendars and contacts and no need for maintaining a big server in the back office. Phew


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01 / Engineers

Our engineers are busy people but always ready for the unexpected, a designated engineer will be available directly on their mobile and for maintenance contract customers a guaranteed response for onsite presence if needed

02 / Cloud Services Explained

Cloud services are the best alternative to buying your own hardware and software. If you need storage for your documents or a new email system then a Cloud or "Hosted" service takes away many hurdles, from designing a server that fits your needs or choosing an Email systems that’s robust and scalable. Not to mention the initial costs that in most cases start in the thousands.

Describing a problem to an engineer is sometimes difficult and explaining a way to fix the problem is just as tough, luckily we can instantly remote access your PC (with your permission of course) diagnose and repair 90% of problems in minutes, let’s hear it for the internet!

03 / Easy - Remote Controlled Support

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